We are proud to present the artists who are exhibiting in 2019…..

2019’s artists will appear here once finalised.

In the meantime here are the artists who exhibited in 2018…..

Claire Henley


I’ve been a professional artist and designer for twenty-five years, working in such diverse fields as book illustration, stationery, toy design and textiles. My paintings of the seascapes and landscapes of Britain have been published worldwide and I exhibit in several galleries from the West Country to Scotland. I live in Stratford-upon-Avon, but head to the sea as often as I can!

Louise Rawlings


I am a fine artist living and working in Sutton Coldfield.

After a 20 year career in publishing I now concentrate on selling and exhibiting my original paintings.
As well as supplying several leading galleries, here in the UK and Australia, I also still license my work through a select group of publishers in both the UK and the US.
I am inspired by my everyday surroundings and work in a layered technique using emulsion, acrylic and gouache

Andy Lovell

Screen Print

My work as a printmaker is derived from painting and drawing on location and I have no doubt that the final image is uniquely informed by that experience of being in that place over that length of time. From a printmaking perspective, I am drawn to the immediacy of the screenprint and monotype processes that both allow and encourage a bold interpretation of the initial sketches and paintings done in situ.

Alison Bell

Bronze Sculpture

My work is inspired by a nostalgia for childhood and easier times when we played and explored in our own imagination, unobserved and far from the adult world. I try to evoke certain moments – the freedom and energy, the determination and glee.

I work mainly in wax and clay and cast into bronze.  Several of my Wee Souls collection are also available as life-size bronzes and can be seen at RHS Chelsea in May

Claire Brierley

3D Driftwood

Claire is a self-taught artist working from her studio in Stratford-upon-Avon, where she produces quirky colourful acrylic paintings of houses, animals and people. She also creates 3D works of art using reclaimed objects. Old wooden trays and cigar boxes become frames for rows of painted driftwood houses, with nails for chimneys and needle felted trees.

Deborah Collum


I was a teacher of art for many years and am now a full time mixed media and textiles artist living and working in Stratford on Avon. I explore colour and texture through a range of materials and am particularly fond of the forgiving and tactile qualities of recycled fabric.

Ann Donnelly


Ann Donnelly has a small kiln fused glass studio in her cottage garden in the village of Pebworth near Stratford upon Avon.  Following thirty years working as a museum professional, she started working in fused glass in 2011.  Ann is very much influenced by the wildlife in the local landscape and in her garden, especially the birds that nest and feed there.  She specialises in making small glass sculptures and delicate, hand finished gravity-drop vases and bowls.

Nicola Durrant


I originally trained as a textile designer but have spent most of my professional life designing for, and then, latterly, managing the production team of a large television company in New Zealand. Returning to the UK 7 years ago I started painting the beautiful Cotswold countryside that surrounds my studio and I am lucky enough to be able to do this as a full time job. Because of my textile training I am very drawn to the field patterns, the dry stone walls and hedge lines which offer much inspiration for my paintings.

Justine Hadfield

Stained Glass

Justine works in stained glass and is inspired by the countryside and flowers around her home in Warminster. While on her daily walks she also sees a variety of wildlife that she likes to incorporate into her glass art. Working from her garden workshop, often accompanied by her cat Foxy, Justine spends her days cutting, foiling, soldering and polishing and chooses her glass carefully so that it changes constantly depending on the ambient light. She is particularly interested in experimenting with new designs and techniques, so her work is ever changing.

Sara Huxley-Edwards

Paint and collage

Huxley-Edwards is a British artist based in Stratford-upon-Avon.  She graduated from Birmingham Polytechnic with a BA (hons) in Textiles and went on to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Manchester.  Her career has included teaching, lecturing and working as a professional artist.  Her work often explores the theme of Still Life in a contemporary semi abstract way.  She says of her work, “I am constantly trying to draw with a pure line. I want to describe objects sensitively from a minimal perspective”. She works predominantly in mixed media and collage.

Robin Mason


I love to work in either oils or pastel. My subject matter varies from the coasts of Cornwall and Yorkshire to the canals near my home in Staffordshire. More recently, I have developed a new interest in flowers and still life, and also in ‘plein-air’ work using portable easels in the great outdoors.

I am represented by galleries in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Leicestershire and have also exhibited with The Royal Society of British Artists at The Mall Galleries in London. I also give demos for art societies and enjoy talking with people about my work and process.

Hilary Stock


Hilary Stock is a photographic artist, based in Wiltshire. She always travels with a camera and uses her images to make artwork. Her subjects range from the detail on wooden boats to the inner depths of a forest. Her aim is to share that moment of observation. The pattern of the pictures and the precise presentation, with hand-cut and folded art paper, is designed to catch the eye in the same way as the image originally caught hers. More recently, she has moved to new and different formats with the same attention to detail. Hilary sells her work through galleries, to designers and as commissioned projects.

Pauline Montgomery


I am a ceramic artist living and working from my home in Glasgow, Scotland. I graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1996 with a first class honours degree in ceramic design and after years of working in retail, getting married and raising my family, I finally took the plunge and purchased my first kiln three years ago. The main influence on my work is the beauty in everyday, mundane objects and I am inspired by the way our environment can evoke different emotions.  I explore these themes in all my work but they can particularly be seen in my ceramic houses which are my signature pieces. Everything I produce is individually handmade using earthenware and Scottish brick clay.

Claire Seneviratne


My pots are made from porcelain, burnished, fired twice in an electric kiln and then smoke-fired in sawdust. I have a real passion for smoke firing as I feel it makes the pots look so ethereal. I love the connection it makes to the natural world. Everyone is individual and they all seem to have their own character. My jewellery is really light and comfortable to wear and the pendants can be adjusted to any length. I try to make them very individual for those who like me something different.

Nicola Richards


Nicola Richards is a professional ceramic artist and teacher based in Leamington Spa. She designs and produces her hand-built pots from her delightful log cabin garden studio. On display will be a range of her popular stoneware indoor and outdoor planters which are a variety of shapes and sizes, decorated in muted burnished coloured slips and planted up with gorgeous succulents.

Hilary Roberts


My pictures come from all over the world – and from my home studio.  A huge range of subjects inspires me – I look for beauty, strangeness, striking colour, amazing texture or the perfect light.  I remove unwanted elements, add others and apply different, often ‘painterly’ effects to enhance the finished image.

Alison Vickery


Alison Vickery is inspired by her garden and our beautiful countryside. Working intuitively with a wide range of media she aims to capture the character and essence of her subject and is particularly interested in colour and how it is affected by light. Alison is well known for her floral paintings and her work sells Worldwide as originals through galleries and published as stationery, textiles and giftware.

Tom Shepherd


My paintings are a way for me to explore the wonder of the world around me, everything from exotic wildlife and the intrigue of places and people far from home, or simply the shadows cast across a sunlit street right outside my front door. What fascinates me most is the way light brings the subject to life.

Anya Simmons


I am a professional artist living in Kineton, Warwickshire. I exhibit in various galleries throughout the UK and hold regular events and exhibitions throughout the year. My work is profoundly influenced by beautiful landscapes and seascapes across Britain. I enjoy working with a variety of mixed media to create colourful, textural pieces of art. Within my works, I strive to give my audience the romance or memory of a scene/landscape which is recognised as real but does not always have a physical location. I seek to tap into a positive nostalgic memory.

Joanne Makin


A painter and printmaker, Joanne received a BA Hons in Painting followed by an MA in Illustration. Having worked as a freelance illustrator for over 20 years Joanne now devotes her time to creating original lino cut prints. She is currently exploring the diverse and often complex characters in Shakespeare. Based in Stratford upon Avon, she has recently exhibited at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, the John Radcliffe Hospital and the Houses of Parliament as well as local venues.

Judith Yates


Judith Yates spent her early life in Cheshire surrounded by a varied landscape from the gentle rolling hills to the wild drama and open spaces of the Peak District. Her love of the landscape became ingrained from a very early age. She was obsessed with painting throughout her childhood, making the natural progression to study fine art painting at Art School, graduating in 1983. Following her studies, she moved to Brighton and began selling her work through local and London galleries, before working as a designer and illustrator for many years. In more recent years she has returned to her fine art past, deriving inspiration from the familiar landscapes of her childhood and the holidays spent exploring the Cornish coast and beyond. Judith continues to produce work on site and from her busy studio at home. She uses an array of techniques and mediums in order to recreate the sensual pleasure of nature and to capture the drama of the landscape and the light of the coast. She continues to exhibit and sell paintings at selected galleries in the UK, with collections held both at home and abroad.

Alexandra Buckle

Lino Print

Alexandra captures her favourite local scenery as colourful, hand printed, reduction linocuts and teaches private lino cutting workshops at her home studio in Bicester. She is a founder member of the Buckinghamshire Craft Guild, a best seller on the Artfinder online marketplace, and her linocuts have been displayed at the Royal Academy and Mall Galleries in London.

Karen Wyeth


I am a Contemporary Felt Artist living and working in the Midlands. I create vibrantly colourful textile pictures, handcrafted using traditional felting techniques, combined with free machine embroidery and hand stitching. My art has been described as ‘a riot of happy colours’ and my ethos is to offer people art “to make their lives bigger, better and brighter, something to take their minds off their troubles in life” (Alfred East 1911).

Ruth Taylor


My training as a textile designer is evident in my work which is influenced as much by a love of colour and pattern as it is by the English countryside. I apply oil paints directly to the surface, moving it around with brushes, combs, and my hands looking to capture the effect of light, weather and the seasons on the landscape.

Ros Ingram


Ros gained a first class degree in ceramics and printmaking from Wolverhampton university in 1999. She balances a career as a freelance art teacher and sculptor selling her work in galleries throughout the uk and Europe. Ros is known for creating fish and bird sculptures which combine highly glazed porcelain with found objects.

Lucy Davies


Lucy trained at St Martins and Brighton and has a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, specialising in illustration. She paints full time at home in North London but in the summer escapes to Cornwall, where her caravan on the north coast doubles as her art studio. This is where she draws much of the inspiration for her mixed media paintings, with colour, texture and pattern playing a strong influence in her work.

John Button

Mixed Media

Born in Lowestoft in 1966, John grew up on the Suffolk coast. After studying Architecture in Brighton, he worked for many years with exhibition design, interiors and illustration. Painting and drawing had always been of great interest but it wasn’t until 2002 and moving to Sweden with his young family that John began painting and exhibiting more actively. In his paintings, he explores landscape and seascape through its patterns and textures, attempting to trigger a memory or a sense of place and ignoring conventional rules of perspective along the way. In his still life studies, John tries to tease something extraordinary out of his everyday surroundings.

Lindsay Turk


A graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, Lindsay Turk has been painting professionally for 18 years. Her work draws on themes of growth, light and the passage of time. In Lindsay’s work, there is a sense of these things being stilled into focus and a lending of permanence to things that are otherwise ephemeral or fleeting.

Fleur Kenny

I have always painted. As a child, I could spend hours with my paints and brushes just creating. I hadn’t yet discovered the wonderful world of oils of course! I don’t take photographs of a beautiful view,  but simply remember how I felt in that given moment. My art is conceived and created in my heart and each piece is very personal to me.

Elly Dunford-Wood

My love of the natural world started out first through the lens as a photographer, then through clay as a ceramics decorator. Although photography is still part of my daily life it wasn’t until I took a trip to New Zealand in 2002 that I discovered the art of jewellery making, I was fortunate enough to meet a hugely influential jeweller in Coromandel who over the months taught me everything he knew and from then on there was no looking back.
I work from my small red brick shed in Whichford, Warwickshire. I’m surrounded by the woods, birds and an abundance of rolling hills which is often reflected in my work.


Jane Reeves


Jane works from her studio in Bristol and has a particular love of the Cornish coast. Over recent years Jane has perfected her technique of using glass powders bringing together her two passions for painting and glass. ‘The glass itself is the palette – the nature of the sea, the way the colours seem to be contained within the waves, suspended in that moment just before or after the wave has fallen – it just seems to work beautifully in glass.’

‘The seashore, the place where the waves fall and ebb away is mesmerising, it is never the same, it’s endlessly changing. It’s a constant source of interest and surprise.’

Paul Bailey


I’m originally from Essex, in the east of England, but I have recently relocated to Mid-Wales to be amongst the mountains and moors. The wild, windswept tracts of the Cambrian mountains, Radnor hills and the Brecon Beacons are now my major source of inspiration. However, thoughts of the East Anglian coastline are never far from my mind.

Christopher Townsend

Christopher Townsend creates metal sculpture for the home and garden.  Based in the heart of The Oxfordshire Countryside near Burford, his work is inspired by nature and the surrounding countryside.  Christopher graduated from Liverpool University with a 1stclass honours degree and has been a professional sculptor for 19 years. Mainly making sculpture from steel, Christopher also incorporates some found objects into his pieces.  Each sculpture is handmade and unique.  He also accepts commissions.

Christopher’s work has been exhibited in London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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